Welcome to El Puente Christian Fellowship

We are situated in the hills above Velez Malaga in a small town called Puente Don Manuel (click to see map).

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Sunday worship at 11am, Bible study Thursdays at 5pm and open house Friday mornings


What we do


Simply put we are a family of believers who follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, both spiritually and practically, our door is open to everybody.

We meet regularly to share the joy of praise and worship.

We celebrate communion on a regular basis and organise baptisms.

We also meet regularly around God's Word to share fellowship, prayer and study.

In so doing we consider God's word in the context of how we live our lives and as a visible expression of our faith.

We share the love we have found with the wider international/Spanish community of which we are a part.

We are blessed to be involved in various local charities and in co-operation with the local town hall seek to help those in need who live close to us.

We are also working with another charity that supports the welfare and education of children in a school in Kenya,